NADIA BOULANGER (1887-1979): for Piano: Vers la vie nouvelle, 3 pièces, for Cello and Piano: 3 pièces, for Organ: 3 improvsiations, Pièce sur des airs populaires flamands, Songs: Versailles, J'ai frappé, Chanson, Chanson, Heures ternes, Le beau navire, Mon coeur, Doute, Un grand sommeil noir, L'échange, Soir d'hiver, Ilda, Prière, Cantique, Poéme d'amour, Extase, La mer, Aubade, Au bord de la nuit, Le couteau, Soleils couchants, Élégie, O schwöre nicht, Was will die einsame Thräne, Ach, die Augen sind es wieder, Écoutez la chanson bien douce.

Catalogue Number: 03S053

Label: Delos

Reference: DE 3496

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: Since 73 of the 108 minutes of music here are songs, this is pretty much going to be a very small-selling item. But 13 of the songs and the 3 pièces for piano are first recordings, the notes are extensive and the performers top-notch while the music is late Romantic with many chromatic elements with Fauré and Debussy among the occasional identifiable influences. Boulanger composed in a small window given her long life and career as a highly influential and beloved teacher - she began writing music in 1901 and quit in 1922. 2 CDs. Nicole Cabell (soprano), Alek Shrader (tenor), Edwin Crossley-Mercer (baritone), Amit Peled (cello), François-Henri Houbart (organ), Lucy Mauro (piano).


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