DOMENICO SCARLATTI (1685-1757): Amor d’un’ombra e gelosia d’un’aura.

Catalogue Number: 03S023

Label: Bongiovanni

Reference: GB 2485-2

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The original score of this little two-character opera of 1714 is lost but a revised London version of 1720 exists, from which this reconstruction has been made. The musical and philological details are discussed in the notes but the real point of the exercise is to show what a gifted young stage composer Domenico might have been had he not left for Spain and given up the stage for the harpsichord. Italian-English libretto. Beatrice Mercuri (mezzo), Angelo Bonazzoli (countertenor), Romabarocca Ensemble; Lorenzo Tozzi.


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