JOSEF PEMBAUER (1848-1923): Symphony in F, Op. 39 “In Tirol”, Cello Concerto, Op. 86, Frühlingsouvertüre.

Catalogue Number: 03R001

Label: Tiroler Landesmuseen

Reference: 54

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

No Longer Available

Description: A geographical colleague of Johann Rufinatscha and Josef Netzer, Pembauer was born in Innsbruck and studied under Bruckner and Rheinberger. No trace of the former on this well-filled (77:32) disc though; the 1880 overture has plenty of Mendelssohn but by the time of the symphony four years later, assimilation of influences is well underway in a work modeled on Beethoven’s Pastoral but rooted in contemporary Romanticism. Its four movements (41 minutes) are “Morning. Ascent into the Mountains” (sunrise quiet gradually burgeoning into the heady joys of the high country), “Idylle” (noonday rest?), “Play and Dancing in the Village” (energetic scherzo with a very rustic Tirolean folk song in the trio) and “Happy Homecoming” (these people are tireless! Coming back down is as happy as climbing!). The concerto is a late work of 1910 and, like many such pieces, is pretty serene and unruffled but the 62-year-old composer drinks from the fountain of youth for its Allegro fantastico finale. Oh, and by the way - check out the cover portrait of Pembauer by Gustav Klimt; they were friends! Tim Ströble (cello), Orchestra of the St. Blasius Academy; Karlheinz Siessl.


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