BENT SØRENSEN (b.1958): Mignon - Papillons for Piano and Strings, The Weeping White Room for Piano and Ensemble, Sinful Songs for Ensemble, Ständchen for 8 Players, Serenissima and The Lady of Shalott for Solo Violin.

Catalogue Number: 02S088

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 8.226134

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The piano concerto Mignon is the third work in the trilogy Papillons, which use the same piano part, laden with romantic gestures and harmony, but place it in a different instrumental and expressive context in each work. The spatially divided string orchestra support the piano in this version to produce what sounds like a dreamlike reimagining of the dramatic arc of a classical-romantic piano concerto, sometimes with wildly discordant gestures, sometimes with sweetly supportive harmonies and textures, while the solo part remains essentially tonal, with echoes of Mozart and Bach surfacing here and there for good measure. Sinful Songs, from 15 years earlier, is even more a spatially conceived piece, with waves of material travelling back and forth or around the ensemble. Tonal fragments appear and fade, embedded in an abstract texture; the work was conceived on a train journey,and in its closing stages we clearly hear the rhythm of the locomotive receding into the distance. Of similar dimensions is the Serenade, Sørensen's tribute to Viennese classical chamber repertoire. Both here and in The Weeping White Room, phantasms of the Romantic era flit ephemerally through a collage of modernist polystylism. Katrine Gislinge (piano), Lapland Chamber Orchestra; John Storgårds (violin).


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