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For 28 years Records International has specialized in bringing unusual repertoire to collectors of classical music. We assume that you already have enough versions of the "standards" and know them well enough to be curious about what else was going on at the same time as such giants as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Tchaikovsky were creating their masterpieces.

What was going on then? Who else was composing in their shadows?

How about Heinichen, Myslivicek, Vorisek, Raff and Rubinstein?

Or Kuhnau, Kraus, Spohr, Fuchs and Gretchaninov?

Which composers of our century are worthy to stand alongside the masters of the classical world?

Each month we offer dozens of new titles, many world premiere recordings, others the only available CD versions, but all of them fascinating repertoire, demanding rediscovery.

Here's a website that we strongly suspect will be of interest to a lot of you -

Classical Lost & Found: Forgotten Music By Greats & Great Music By Forgottens

Classical Lost and Found (CLOFO.com) and its CROCKS Newsletter tell you about new classical recordings of forgotten music by great composers and great music by forgotten composers. Exceptional sounding discs for the audiophile are also noted.

Notes for February 2016

Number of items in this month's catalogue: 0

OK, I'm finally admitting that unusual repertoire recordings are decreasing in quantity as more and more of the independent labels we rely on for that music shift to more artist-driven business plans. So the days of 90-100 title monthly catalogues are probably gone. But, even though the number of titles may be smaller, as you can see this month, the quality is still good (e.g. the first 5 releases). Also not helping this month was that winter storm which helped to delay the arrival at their distributors of a dozen more titles I would have offered.

View the February 2016 catalogue.


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